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printable word page

To make it easy, I have put a sheet that you can download by clicking on the title.
Note that this is a sheet with more symbols than the below described ideal A4 sheet.

Friday, July 13, 2007


777 was a TRIGGER
On 10.7.7 I Dreamed I Won the Jackpot on a Slotmachine OOO with Scalar Mark
On this day Phil arrived and handed me a set of 3 FIVE ELEMENT PULSOR® Gold,
and told me I could freely Use Them. Ills sont mignon.
Also today, Friday the 13th 07, I observed a Chemtrail with Scalar Diffusion Straight over My Location Plus 3 Unindentified curved trails. On Observing I Noticed an Eye in A Triangle, followed by an Image of Sri Aurobindo and lastly a Skull and Bones Symbol as Used by Pirates in at least Hollywood Movies. The last image I sent away like a Hamburger for THOSE with a Strong Digestion. Bon appetit.


Monday, December 4, 2006


Here you can put your comments, reactions, experiences and questions.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

What Positive Vortex Energy Can Do

Surprising successes are possible with Pulsors. For example, the Swiss printing, off-set and multimedia company Linsenmann AG in Basel: in every department of the firm computers and other electronic equipment are utilized extensively, and thick cables of the internal PC-net are part of every room. Consequently, "the energetic impact is relatively high from the standpoint of subtle energy", declared CEO Thomas Kneuss in a lecture about the experiments with the use of various Pulsors during a three year period. Gradually the work space of their then 35 employees was harmonized. In excess of 30,000 Swiss francs were spent by the company during this period in sensitive analysis and harmonizing devices.
Only a few employees were informed of the function of the colored, round energy helpers and
special Pulsor electro-smog filters. And for those participants artificial interferences in their
homes from TV satellite installations were further reduced. The other employees knew nothing and represented therefore a control group, ruling out the placebo effect through expectations of positive effects. The expense and effort was worth it in terms of business and human benefits, insists Kneuss. Within one year of installation, the Pulsor group reported half as many headaches, joint pains, and general malaise, and their sense of well-being was markedly heightened.

Prior to the installation of the Pulsors only 40% of the employees professed to feel good.
A year later 70% reported a markedly increased sense of well-being. This translates into better
attendance, less down-time due to illness and improved performance and output - although the
CEO admits it is difficult to translate into bottom-line concrete figures.
According to the Swiss naturopath Christianne E. Kirchner-Thumm, the secret to the often
surprising physical healing effects of Pulsors is that the emotional and spiritual problems which
create energetic blockages, are dissolved through the use of Pulsors. Kirchner has instructed
therapists in the use of Pulsors in the German part of Switzerland. Approx. 40 people, primarily
from Switzerland, have been trained in several seminars as Vortex-Energy Therapists (a
designation for Pulsor therapists). They report surprising results.
For example: the naturopath Ingrid Penzel of Kuesnacht reports that a 25 year old patient's
eczema, which had been unsuccessfully treated medically for 2 years, cleared up completely
after 17 Pulsor balancings. Pulsor therapist Verena Behrle in Zuerich reports similar experiences through regular Pulsor balancing within 3/4 of a year: the degeneration of a 70 year old woman's eyes was stopped, who otherwise would have gone blind. Foot reflexologist Hanni Heimberg of Gstaad reports hastening of the healing processes: "When I add supportive Pulsors, most patients who are experiencing pain are pain-free after two or three balancing sessions."
Oliver Schaerer of Hegiswil utilizes Pulsors for the harmonization of houses and autos. He has
neutralized interferences from over 150 homes during the past 4 years. His clients report,
unanimously, that their sleep is more refreshing, headaches occur less frequently and
medications could be reduced. Additionally, children seem to be able to concentrate better
when learning and visitors feel better, claims Schaerer.
That these positive effects are not the result of wishful thinking, is demonstrated, apart from the previously described Linsenmann study, through blood tests conducted on animals. The Applied Biological Science Laboratory in Glendale, California tested on rats the influence of
electromagnetic fields emanating from fluorescent lights. Two groups of animals were exposed
to artificial light for 12 hours per day for three weeks. Pulsors were attached to artificial light
fixtures of one group. A third group was not exposed to artificial light. The results of this animal study were amazing: The rats' blood enzyme values under Pulsor lights were essentially unchanged and normal, while the values of unprotected rats under artificial lights deteriorated markedly.
These positive effects are astounding since they’re supposed to be only a side effect of the
Pulsors' effect. According to Yao, these energy frequencies are superimposed on the physical
body. "The physical body is created from the auric energy fields, which determine the condition
of the emotional and mental bodies and consequently influence the individual's thoughts and
feelings”, declared the inventor, (who recently died at age 76) in his book, Miracle of

Avyaktam Energy Symbol Original

Right_click >Save Picture as > Your Computer

To make Avyaktam Ideal A4 size sheet. Insert in word. Reduce to 3%. Print 18x36 labels.
Use with moderation! A full Avyaktam Ideal Sheet is Very Powerfull.
Make one good print and after you can xerox copy.
The ideal sheet size is meant for personal and spiritual use.
To correct the negative influence of Electro Magnetics and life energy depleting substances and poison in the environment the use of larger size is advised ( a bit less than 1'' or 2.4 cm).
Every situation is different, the exact amounts to be used can only be determined by someone who masters the vortex spin detection test (pendulum).
The forcefield generated by Avyaktam sheets increases exponentially relative to its surface!
Taking the ideal sheet size as the standard (although not always the most suitable for these situations as explained above), I can give some indications.
A all-band mobile phone needs 12.
A car with computer equipment needs abou 180.
The electricity entrance of a house 144.
A q-band satelite dish 54. Cable 72. telephone 24.
Water 24, gaz 6.
With 2 full sheets next to each other in your suitcase everybody will step out remarkably fresh out of your next flight with a big airliner.
3 Sheets next to each other will do a cruise boat. Don't try to be funny, it might all fall back on you!
On the other hand you can try to use two sheets on a music amp or other non-permanent indirect sources.
You can keep half sheet or a full sheet with you to protect against bad vibes or apply them for healing sessions.
There are a lot of idiots on earth and to make this technology available has its risks: still I am more worried about those thousands of warheads that could be launched any day in a world that is heading towards destruction if we are not going to change!!!
E-mail and print. It's time to balance all that negativity out with positive energy.
Start slow, give it time.
The world is changing, change with it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

What effects can one expect from applying this symbol?

The first and also anyhow for me easily measurable effect is the change of the vortex polarity from sources with a negative spin to clockwise or positive spin. More so with more symbols used the intensity of this positive spin grows. These sources are all sort of electrical equipment, magnetic fields, metals (every metal is an antenna) and certain chemicals and also all food and drink exposed to these sources. Also one can overcome the negative effect of certain disturbing sources hidden beneath the earth's surface. Exposure to negative spin disturbs, changes or reverses or bioplasmic polarities temporarily or permanently under sustained conditions, and has an depleting effect on our life-energy. For more detailed information I refer again to late Dr. George T.F. Yao's book "the Miracle of Microcrystals". This is the reason I started working with this symbol as a sort of poor man's solution to this problem. Now the anyhow useless tourmaline stones can be used for nobler aims and all commercial working or not working equipment sold for this kind of purpose can be effectively replaced by this freely available symbol.
But there is more, things that only came out after the optimal A4 sheet came into existence.
Reason for this is that the intensity with more symbols doesn't increase in a linear, but in an exponential fashion.
Then we see that the taste and smell of certain products can change considerably. An experiment that everybody easily can perform himself. The quality and taste of water definitely improves.
I also observed that using the symbol can overcome the stress effect of digitalised music, which is almost all music available today. Dr. John Diamond (psychiatrist)made me many years ago aware of this and that's with a kept my collection of vinyl. Finally your CD with relaxing music doesn't have to be a self contradicting term anymore. You might be amazed what this symbol can do to your listening experience.
Last for this post, but not least. On can put a sheet or a part of a sheet on oneself, which can generate a sense of well being at the least. Moderation in this is advised. When you get an headache, start feeling deeply tired or get overexcited you are overdoing it. I also have observed that having a sheet with me protected me from negative or hostile feelings from others or the environment.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Avyaktam Symbol ideal A4-sheet

Detailed Instructions to produce Optimal Avyaktam Symbol A4-Sheet

To be applied in Microsoft Word.
It is advised to set your printer default to print preview.

Click on Symbol, so that it shows with the bold border.
Click format
Click picture
Click size
Keep ratio locked!
Set size to 0.29’’ height x 0.42’’ width
or 0.74cm height x 1.06 cm width
Or 3% if you download the symbol provided here.

(while still with bold border)
Click tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and labels > Labels
The symbol should be visible there, if not close and click once on picture
Set print to: Full page of the same label
Click Options > New label
Give the label a name and use these settings:
Top Margin 0.4 cm or 0.16” Label Height 0.7 cm or 0.28”
Side margin 0.4 cm or 0.16” Label Width 1.0 cm or 0.39”
Vert. Pitch 0.8 cm or 0.32’ Number across 18
Hor. Pitch 1.1 cm or 0.43” Number Down 36
A4 size

Click Ok
click print
expect to be waiting for minutes before your computer has worked out this heavy command and is ready for printing

Significance of this Symbol

The symbol shows a certain interaction between circle and square. In Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga the square stands for the perfect manifestation[1]. The circle for the Divine Consciousness[2]. [1] Words of the Mother, Centenary Edition Vol 13. page 29 .SABDA [2] Ibid page 64 On 24 Nov 2006 I have given the 9x version the name Avyaktam Symbol. Jérôme

History Of Development

I first heard of the single version of the symbol from an unknown Dutch lady during a Pulsor(r) workshop in Zandvoort, Netherlands many years ago. She said that she had heard that it was Egyptian of origin, but that is unconfirmed. (added info Aug 2009: For the origins we probably have to congratulate Dr. Ibrahim Karim ) As all the workshop participants were more or less experienced vortex-spin detectors we tested it and found that with a certain number of symbols the vortex energy of a mobile phone indeed started to turn clockwise.
I started experimenting with small stickers on which I manually drew the single symbol. With positive results. As this was pretty unhandy I decided after a couple of years that I wanted a sticker with the symbol printed on it. So one Sunday afternoon I sat with my Aurovilian friend Andreika and his AutoCad and designed the symbol and after a couple of wasted sheets got it on stickers. I have been applying the symbols on computers, data-connections, metal objects etc. in workplace and for people I cared for or who cared for it. Nobody however reacted or seemed to notice. I made photocopy's of the sticker sheet and started trying out whole sheets or part thereof. One sheet could effectively overcome the negative energy of the TV in my hotel room. (before I would use pulsors for the same)
It started to dawn on me what immense implications this symbol could have on our civilization. If the symbol would be widely implicated the effects would have to be counted in billions, not to speak of improvement of well being. Also for practical reasons-better use of space- I wanted to develop the symbol in the direction of what now has become the Avyaktam Symbol. Last October I went to visit my family on Ibiza, the Spanish island where people go to have a "good time". I intended to work with the symbol on the house of my sister and my parents. I could do these houses to my satisfaction. Told my sister to make copies and how to use them. I was also very satisfied with the experiment of putting sheets under the mats in the cars. I had again the space problem in the inside compartment in cell phones. So I decided I would make a new version. About 10 days ago I went to Olivier, also an Aurovilian and with his DTP skills he quickly made what I wanted. My Acu-pulsor had decided the number of single symbols would be nine. The first print was an error, but I got A4 format symbol and as I was running out of ink it faded to the top: nice result. Then came the sheets full of symbols with a bit hallucinogenic 3D effect. I made 50 copies and started putting them. WOW. I decided I had to make an optimal A4 sheet. Bigger symbols work stronger than small ones, but many small ones better than a few big ones. The result was a A4 sheet with 5832 individual symbols, but with enough space to cut the paper. When it came out of the printer after so many minutes I was really amazed by it's power and the quality of it's power and I understood that it could do much more than alone protect against the negative effects of exposure to EM-smog. Since then many interesting discoveries have been made and I am distributing the sheets to fellow Aurovilians. And got some first very enthusiastic feedback.

Primal Energy Vortex Polarity System

What is Vortex Polarity in Space? Energy is motion, and we have three basic motion in space: straight-line movement going back and forth; the twirling, rifling movement of particles or forces in a clockwise or positive manner; and a similar motion in a counterclockwise or negative manner. Matter beyond the subatomic state consists of soft particles shooting in all directions. However, when conscious intelligence or external electro-magnetic force fields are applied, these subatomic particles take on a clockwise or counterclockwise spin. What is Positive and Negative Vortex Energy Polarity? What is positive clockwise movement? When sub­atomic particles spin in a clockwise manner, it gives rise to centripetal vortex twirl producing a compressive force resulting in manifestation of heat and light, thus life. Clockwise spin brings forces from the edge of the spinning cone to the apex, thus generating a com­pression mode, which can increase the density of air or other rarefied gases into the liquid state, or result in the formation of physical matter in the visible spec­trum, i.e., materialization. This is a creative process, denoting healing forces and life in general, and it is called positive vortex polarity. What is negative counterclockwise movement? When subatomic particles spin in a counterclockwise manner, producing a centrifugal mode, Here the energy is scattered from the center to­wards the edge of the force field, in a form of radia­tion releasing negative energy to the environment. This is a degenerative process, leading to decay and death, It is called negative vortex polarity. Therefore, whenever the spinning motion (moni­tored by a pendulum, as we shall see in the next chapter) is clockwise, we term it positive. We term the counterclockwise motion negative. CLOCKWISE—Centripetal, compression creates heat, light and life, Therefore, it is called POSITIVE. COUNTERCLOCKWISE-Centrifugal expansion decay, degeneration and death. Therefore, it is called NEGA­TIVE. From: Miracle of Microcrystals by Dr. George T.F. Yao: Published by Gyro Industries ISBN 0-9615211-0-4, page 15 and 17

The Pendulum

To detect the direction of the vortex spin the most advanced scalar interferometer designed till today consisting of the two human cerebral hemisperes[1] is used. Based on this information the cortex will send series of commands to produce series of muscular contractions to produce coordinated movements resulting in movements of an acu-pulsor® or pendulum without our conscious will needing to interfere. In order to get correct results certain prerequisites have to be met. Like a certain relaxation and inner balance, giving no preferences or desires the chance to influence the result. It took me several years of practice to more or less comfortably rely on the results. Some people will do fine just from the beginning other will never learn this technique. The use of a pendulum is an art though, and I have seen many people, including myself, fooling themselves with this and other forms of testing like in kinesiology. [1] Miracle of Microcrystals by Dr. George T.F. Yao: Published by Gyro Industries ISBN 0-9615211-0-4, page 138

What is Pulsor?®

What is Pulsor?®

Crystals, of various forms, have been used in elec­tronic communication devices for frequency center­ing, for many years. Our body energy centers, are energy wave broadcasters and receivers. This phenomenom has been discovered by researchers of all branches of science throughout the world.

Pulsor® microcrystals contrary to common think­ing, are not quartz crystals as most people would think whenever the word "crystal" is mentioned. There are actually many kinds of crystals. The ones inside Pulsor® comprise an energy cell with a multitude of quasi electronic tank circuits acting as traps and wave filters of various frequencies of the vortex energy systems. Pulsor® microcrystals are also sensitive to a wide range of frequencies of the environmental elec­tric and magnetic fields,

The Pulsor® consists of millions of specially de­signed and processed microcrystals. Each of these crystal particles has the ability to store energy and to discharge energy at specific frequencies. The body's pulsating bio-magnetic waves tend to make these Pulsor® crystals self organize in series and parallel grid patterns.

How Does Pulsor® Work?

Pulsor® a Passive Negative Ion Effect Generator

Pulsor'"' is in effect a passive solid state negative ion effect generator, Pulsor" is able to change the counter clockwise spin of the subatomic particles of the positive ions to clockwise spin, It is the positive spin of these minute energy systems that make the nega­tive ions beneficial, This polarity change in the spin by Pulsor" makes it appear that Pulsor" can actually change the effects of positive ions to those of the neg­ative ions, On the other hand, when the subatomic particles start spinning counter clockwise the positive ion effect is produced,

Automatic Conversion to the Correct Polarities


The automatic conversion changes the negative spin (counter clockwise) to positive spin (clockwise) at the natural positive vortex polarity centers of the bio­logical life form,.

This same feature will change the positive spin to negative spin at the natural negative vortex polarity centers of the biological life form.[2]

[1] Because of this feature Pulsors can be used beneficially by biological life forms.(Jérôme)

[2] From: Pulsor® Miracle of Microcrystals by Dr. George T.F. Yao: Published by Gyro Industries

ISBN 0-9615211-0-4

New Scalar Physics

Scalar—in ordinary vector analysis, a quantity completely characterized by magnitude only. In the new approach, one must account for observable and virtual states, In addition, multiple vectors acting on one point and summing to zero are physically still present, even though the resultant vector is zero, Thus physi­cally a zero vector can have a very real, distinct substructure of nonzero vectors, An observable scalar thus has a nested, multiple-level virtual substructure as well as any conglomerate "observable vector" substructure, Note that the substructure con­tributes to the stress of the object or medium, even though it con­stitutes a zero vector in its envelope. Each level of this substructure contains an infinite number of tiny virtual vectors, Two scalars that are observably equal need not be equal at all in their substruc­tures. Further, combining the two scalars by superposition may not yield the normal observable value, if both substructures are highly patterned and interact to spill over into the observable level. Vec­tor mathematics itself must be changed and extended in the new approach. Note that the spillover from interaction of the two sub­structures may form an observable scalar value or an observable vector value. From Technical Appendix of Pulsor® Miracle of Microcrystals by Dr. George T.F. Yao by Colonel T.E.Bearden

Declaration of free availability of Avyaktam Symbol

The Avyaktam Symbol as described and uploaded on this page is freely available. It belongs to humanity as whole. It is not allowed however to add monitairy value to items, products etc. due to implying the symbol in them. Jérôme


Exposing material to a sheet with this symbol can alter it's properties. Taste and smell e.g. can considerably change, and not always as desired. No damage claims will be entertained. jerome

Description of symbol as designed here

The symbol consists of a 90 degree part of a circle. At the extremes of this circle part start two legs away from the centre, along the radius. The length of the legs is 1.136136 x radius measured from the middle of the thickness of the line. The thickness is 0.181818 x radius. The angles between the legs and the circle part are rounded at the side towards the centre. The extremes of the legs are rounded. The 9x-form of the symbol, that looks like a shield is a 8x repetition of the basic symbol, concentric to it’s centre. The centra of all the symbols in this 9x form fall on a 45 degree angle of the basic symbol. The used symbol here is my design of an original existing symbol of which I don’t know the origin nor its name, or have seen an example of. The Dutch lady that mentioned it to me about 8 years ago said it was Egyptian, but that is unconfirmed.

Thanks to

Dr. George T.F. Yao, who taught me about scalar fields, vortex energy and created the Pulsor®............................... Gladys who taught me to work with Pulsor® and Acu-Pulsor... The Dutch lady that informed me about the existence of this symbol many years ago. Andreika who fixed the design digitally. Olivier who helped me to give the design the 9x form; you did it right in one go. The software giants behind AutoCAD, CorelDraw and MS Word. The hackers for leaving a door open. The trees that provide the paper.

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